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Grow your business and online presence with strategic digital marketing solutions.


Make informed technology decisions for your business and brand.


Josbiz Technologies provides powerful and enterprise ready platform for sharing and storing different types of documents and electronic files. This is a digital file cabinet where you will keep and organize all of your company’s documents. Information and knowledge within the organization can be accessed as appropriate, leading to an increase in productivity.

Any kind of binary data can be stored in the document system. Other uses of this type of system include document workflow, records management, image management, disaster recovery, backup, and access control.


Quick and easy file location through highly sophisticated search engines.

Elimination of “lost” file incidences.

Reduction of time spent filing and managing file systems.

Reduction of costs associated with managing file systems, including labor and floor space.

Document lifecycle and version control.

Centralized views of your file systems.

Unlimited files upload.

Makes your file systems more secured as you can control access based on a range of criteria, such as job title, department, or any other parameters you set.

Support for metadata like keywords, categories, comments, and arbitrary attributes.

Workflow for document review, approval, revision and release.

Unlimited users accounts and groups management.

Email notifications.

Access control lists.

Two factor authentication.